Best Online Dating Advice – From Finding Sites to Profile Tips

The best online dating stuff is right here, you’ve found it. I’ve been “dating online” for so long now, that I can completely fill you in on all the good stuff.

Here Is The Best Online Dating Advice You’ll Ever Need:

1. Looking For The Best Online Dating Site? Easy! Click on any dating page and start your search there. They’re usually free or let you have a free trial, just be sure to know when you need to cancel your ‘Subscription” so you won’t get billed if you are not into that particular site.

So get signed up and you’ll see which ones you like and which you don’t – pretty quickly. Into religion, “no strings attached,” marriage, music or art? If you like it, there’s been a dating site created for it – I promise you that.

2. Looking For The Best Online Dating Profile Ideas? Can’t think of your own? Ha! That is so common. I’ll tell you this – the stronger your profile, the more confident and likable you’ll seem to be. If you’re having trouble with this, just sit down and think of what makes you likable or even comments you’ve been given.

State your likes. Don’t be negative and state numerous dislikes. Figure out what you want and say it! There’s a lot of dating options online and absolutely no point in settling.

3. What Are The Best Online Dating Photos To Put Up? Not one of you at a party, drunk. Try a professional face shot or just a good picture taken with a cellphone. Most sites will let you throw up a group picture for a ‘body’ shot.

Do not come off as easy, desperate or over-confident. Well, I think there’s dating sites that might work for, but not just for simple dating. And please, if you’re heavy, be proud. Don’t hide it with fancy angles; this is one of the biggest complaints from men.

4. Where Can You Find The Best Online Dating Site For Safety? Safety is a decision, not a website perk. You have to be sure (and I’ve said this time and time again) that you keep your information private! Don’t give out your last name, work number, address or home information. Watch that email of yours; make sure it doesn’t show your last name.


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